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The combination of our very diverse life experiences, backgrounds and expertise is the building block of our and your success.


Design, Innovation and quality are the key components of our DNA. We have designed state of the art headwear for the past 40 years. These caps and hats were produced for the most recognized companies and were exported all over the world.

In order to be more efficient and productive, we have reorganized our activity in 3 separate business entities. They can work on their own or together depending on the customer needs.

Tan Thanh Dat Co. Factory is the manufacturing power of the House of Caps Group. Established in 1980, it became one of the most recognized company in the world for manufacturing and exporting high-end headwear.

The manufacturing plant is currently going through a significant expansion to accommodate 750 workers.

TTD’s textile workers are experienced, trained, and their skills are constantly progressing. The office staff has high professional qualifications and language fluency in English.

We focus on maintaining the work spirit and employee responsibility to serve our customers in the best manner.

Design Your Caps makes high-end custom headwear for businesses, organizations, hospitality companies, yachting companies and merchandising.

In 2018, DYC was created as its own independent brand to fill the void left by current companies that sell low quality and lackluster caps. DYC is the best in the world at producing premium, fully customizable headwear on a small scale.

We pride ourselves on making the best quality products possible by making every single one in house from scratch.

Founder and CEO Vanessa Le Coultre was born in Verbier, in the middle of the Swiss Alps.
Descendant of European, Asian and African roots, she spent her childhood claiming her origins, linking her to her birthplace.

Joined by an international team from 4 continents, she has always wanted to create a strong brand that would connect the customers to their origins with a unifying, exclusive and unique design.

On one of her first business trip to the US, she woke up one morning to Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA”, and it got her thinking. Vanessa wanted to give people an opportunity to show their pride for their home.

Be Proud Caps the Original was born!

In 2022, Christophe Dissaux, an international sales and marketing executive with dual French and American citizenship joined the team. Christophe became a shareholder and co-owner of Be Proud Caps and will focus on expanding the brand.


Over the past four decades, we have been mastering technologies and skills sets across several domains all with the end goal of designing and manufacturing very high-end custom headwear.

Since 1981, the Nguyen family from Saigon, Vietnam, and the Le Coultre family from Switzerland have joined forces to open the door to privileged partnerships with some of the world’s leading brands.

After years of strong presence in the European Market, the group has expanded internationally with Design your Caps LLC based in Miami, FL. with a sales office in Sydney, Australia and Verbier, Switzerland.

2022 is a turning point in our history with the launching of Be Proud Caps The Original, a very disruptive brand concept to remind people of how proud they are of their origins.

To support our development, our Vietnamese factory has expanded and now employs 750 workers. 3 million caps are currently produced but the sky is the limit.




A vision without plan is just a dream. The very act of starting and building something of significance should require a consideration of values and combining what is done with how it is done.

Exemplary behavior

 At House of Caps Group, we are committed to exemplary behavior, focusing on a practical and morally rigorous view of entrepreneurship.

Best quality products possible

For the last 40 years, we have been manufacturing state of the art caps and hats for the most recognized brands in the world. Our main focus is producing the best quality products possible.


Last but not least; we place sustainability in the heart of our manufacturing philosophy. Each of our actions is socially responsible because we integrate environmental, social and governance factors into our business decisions.


Vanessa Le Coultre


Christophe Dissaux

Executive VP & President BPC

Nguyen Xuan Minh


Justin Danflous

Vice President EMEA

Jesse Hamer

Vice President APAC